About Us

Boost your business today:

  • Learn how to deliver an exceptional Customer experience every time.
  • Increase Customer retention and loyalty across your business to improve ongoing sales.
  • Develop great leadership and teamwork skills to increase productivity and efficiency.

The experience your customer receives every day, directly and indirectly, either builds value for your business and brands, or destroys it. The sum of all these touch-points defines the customer experience.

betterment is a professional customer service and leadership training company, with a proven record of delivering great results.

“If YOU don’t take care of your customers, someone else will”

The quality of your business depends on the quality of your people”

Customer experience is no longer about how good your products or services are; it is how you and your business make the customer Feel. Research indicates, “70% of a customers buying experience is based on how they are made to feel”

Train them, don’t blame them.

Boost the success of your teams, so they can deliver every time. Businesses that invest in training their people to help achieve business goals with us, have shown increased sales, better productivity and efficiency, as well as happier customers who return and promote loyalty. Training people to know what to do, how to do it, and when, makes the difference between OK and Outstanding.

Proven to work:

Currently, over 160 businesses and 1800 service people have participated and improved their skills through betterment’s professional training programs.

The interactive one on one contact and learning styles presented, provide an environment for participation and learning. By implementing these new skills the next day, produces instant results back to the business.

Training can be delivered at your business or local area to save time and money.

Programs can be customised to suit your individual business needs and issues.