Customer Service Training

Great Customer service drives sales and profit.

Your whole customer service team are the key component to your business. Each person can build or destroy customer satisfaction, which drives retention and loyalty. They have the greatest impact on both your customer sales and bottom line profit.

Better Customer Service training programs give your people the communication skills of customer service professionals, together with selling skills to generate additional sales.

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. (McKinsey)

A customer experience is about every touch point within your business, not just the front line people taking orders, or looking after the service needs of your customers. Every person in your business that has contact with a customer has a direct impact, and influence of how that customer feels they are being treated. 

It takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for 1 negative experience. (Parature)

The experience you deliver every day, through each transaction, directly and indirectly, either builds value for your business or destroys it. The sum of all these touch points is the customer experience that defines your business and brands.

Train them – don’t blame them

The majority of poor customer service stems from the lack of good training and understanding what the customer really wants. It is  more than just listening to what the customer says. A good customer service person shows real interest, builds rapport and cares about the customer concerns. They take ownership, show  professionalism, find solutions and solve problems to the satisfaction of each customer. No small task, that is for sure. But one that when done professionally, buys you retention and loyalty beyond anything else.

Delivered at your place or area

To save time and money, having customer service staff leaving the business to attend training in other areas, we bring the training to your local area. This improves attention rates and participation, while being less of a drain on the needs of the business.

Proven to work in New Zealand and Australia.

Already, more than 1800 people have grown their customer service skills, benefiting from the service excellence programs betterment has delivered across New Zealand & Australia.

The programs deliver measurable results across all areas of customer service, excellence and sales performance, as well as giving payback on investment from the next day.

Benefits to you:

Improve customer experiences and relationships
Reduce complaints and conflict
Increase customer satisfaction rates
Improve sales
+ Improve repeat business
+ Increase retention and Loyalty
+ Improve staff satisfaction, confidence and morale
+ Reduce staff turnover through increased motivation
+ Delivers instant results into your business the next day
+ Affordable so everyone can benefit

Give yourself a competitive edge and boost your business!

Drive additional customer satisfaction and sales, through great people and happy customers, giving you that competitive edge.

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