Service Advisor Training

“You have 7 seconds for a customer to form an opinion of your service offer” (Forbes 2014)

Service Advisors, along with any other member of your team dealing with customer service enquiries, are the most important people in your business. They can build or destroy customer experiences, critical to your professionalism.

Service Advisor Training

Give your people the communication skills of customer professionals.

With free & fixed price service options, there is an even greater need to deliver high quality customer experiences. This interactive and fun program shows how to deliver the critical behaviours and practices, which turn you from being a good advisor to a professional, with the ability to gain customers and sales every time.

Drive Customer Retention and Loyalty

By understanding and doing the simple things with every customer, is the principle behind driving retention and loyalty. You need the customer’s next service or vehicle purchase to be from you, not the competition.

Specifically designed for Automotive Service Centres in New Zealand and Australia.

The automotive programs are designed for New Zealand and Australian service centres and dealerships. They use real life examples and scenarios, taken straight off the service floor of many dealerships and service centres. The program demonstrates behaviours and practices that underpin the most successful dealerships and service centres.

Experienced Industry Trained Facilitators

Experienced facilitators with over 25 year’s automotive knowledge deliver the programs. They have in depth knowledge and experience of what automotive customers are looking for today. Feedback from ongoing research and customer sessions, ensure up to the minute customer needs are included.

Proven to work:

Over 160 dealerships have already attended betterment Service Advisor Training programs, across New Zealand and Australia. All have seen an improvement in customer focus and experience, together with a lift in attitude and knowledge, with better customer service scores and relationships.

Delivered at your place or area

To save time and money having advisors and customer service staff leaving the business to attend training in other areas, we bring the training to your service centre or local area. This improves attention rates and participation, while being less of a drain on the needs of the business.

Benefits to you:

Improve brand customer service scores
+ Vehicle service retention rates improve
+ Improvements in customer service experience
+ Service Advisors awareness and confidence improves
+ Customer complaints reduce
+ Conflict resolution and agreement improves
+ Sales per service repair order increase
+ Delivers instant results into your business the next day
+ Reduce staff turnover through increased motivation
+ Real life scenarios improve understanding and buy in
+ Affordable so everyone can benefit
+ Enhances business reputation giving a competitive edge

Programs include:

Better customer service skills
Better customer sales
Better customer experience
Customer first

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